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I am Nicola Soseilos, professional masseur since 2010

after I studied various massage techniques

in India and Thailand.


The Oriental perception and philosophy of massage

techniques approach the individual as whole, formed

by the muscular dimension and the emotional one

and the goal is to re-establish both physical welfare

and mental balance.


Therefore, the massage session that I created, is holistic,

is done on the whole body and consist of a combination

of massage techniques that are diversified and adjusted,

according to the individual’s needs and the desired result

to achieve, if the purpose of the session is for physical

welfare or mental relaxation or both.


The session can be executed in 4 different versions

that I’ve created in order to cover all individual needs.


Deep Tissue

Deep Rest







Any session last 75 minutes

Cost: 30 €





Deep Tissue


In this version, the body is worked with intense pressure

by using strong tools as thumbs, forearms, elbows

in order to reach into the deep muscle tissues

and resolve problems like knots, blockages, stiffness.


The movement of massage is fast and regenerating,

re-establishing in this way muscle elasticity and

good blood circulation, relaxing muscle spasms,

cramps and rigid joints.


Emphasis is given on every part of the body that is

in need to be unblocked, all areas that are

permanently under  pressure causing tightness and pain.


This version is recommended for persons that want

their body, every muscle, to be work up well and

to get unblocked, for persons that have intense physical

work activity, before or after exercise, for warm up and

cooling down respectively. 



Deep Rest


In this version, the body is worked with less pressure

by making slow and soft massage movements only

on the surface muscle tissues. Attention is given

to mental relaxation, at the re-establishment of

the internal balance, calm and tranquility

instead of muscle restoration.


Emphasis is given on the head, skull, hair, neck,

shoulders and face with relaxing techniques that

affect in a very beneficial way in eliminating

headaches, migraines, insomnia. Special care is given

also on the feet, toes, sole, hands and fingers.


Beneficial force for relaxation, have also from their

very nature, the combination of the essential oils that

I use, that promote the improvement of mental serenity.


This massage session is ideal against anxiety, stress,

psychological pressure and fatigue, offers

rejuvenation, relaxation and the feeling of deep rest. 






In Tantric version, pressure is even more epidermal,

lymphatic and massage movements are slower,

softer, addressed to the whole body holistically,

together with the erogenous zones (something that

doesn’t happen in the versions of Deep Tissue and

Deep Rest), in a continuous alternation,

until the final climax.


Tantra is an ancient Indian spiritual philosophy 

that consider the body holy and pure in its wholeness.


Tantra is the way of no effort, the total surrender in

the flow of energy, following only the senses, without

the interference of the mind.


At the end, the smoothness of the flow of energy is

re-established, bringing the sense of peace,

fullness and inner equilibrium.





This version can be planed and adjusted on request

of the receiver’s personal needs, combining techniques

of the other 3 versions of the massage session.


Depending of the request, emphasis can be given

on specific part of the body and others are worked

out less or in a different way.


For example, it may be requested to be given emphasis

and to work out with pressure by using Deep tissue

techniques only the waist, back neck and shoulders

and at the rest of the body to be done a more relaxing

or tantric session.


The combinations are infinite as many are the different

individual needs and this version’s target is to cover them

in an absolute way, so that the receiver afterwards will

have the bodily and mentally benefits in the grade

that it was needed.



I use Aromatherapy as a base, meaning that I do

the massage with oil enriched with essential fragrances.


The oil I use is the almond oil that is the best for

massage, rich in vitamin E, in which I add essential oil

of bergamot that is unique for stimulation and natural

detoxification of the skin and lavender that promote

mental well being. 


Before I use the oil on the skin I worm it up for

immediate easing of tensed muscles.

For the same reason and for the maximum comfort

of the receiver, the massage table is heated.




There is possibility to bath before and after the session.


There are towers, slippers and all products that are

needed for bathing and after bath.



The place where the sessions are made is designed

with simplicity and positive energy, where color

and smell are joined with the warmth of the candles

and the calming music.


The air is filtered through an air cleaning ionizer system,

The temperature is controlled throughout the year.



Monday to Saturday

from 11.00am – 9.00pm 


For an appointment: 697 36 88 300


Spirou Patsi 129 / 7th floor – Botanikos – Athens





Accepted all debit, credit and prepaid cards: Visa, Visa Electron, V-pay, MasterCard, Union Pay και Maestro.