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Saturday: 11.00 to 18.00

Sunday: closed

Spirou Patsi 129, Votanikos - Athens

/ EN sostouch massage


By buying a massage gift voucher (value 30 €)

you can donate a massage session to another person.


You can buy the gift voucher in cash directly at my place

where I will give it to you immediately inside an envelope, ready to be given.


Otherwise, you can make a bank transfer at Piraeus Bank:

Account number: 5090-028955-496
ΙΒΑΝ: GR02 0172 0900 0050 9002 8955 496
Name: Nicola Soseilos


In this case, I will send you the gift voucher by email in order to print it.

The only information that I will need is the name and a telephone number

of the person that the gift voucher will be given.


* The gift voucher doesn’t have an expired date.